I've been learning guitar with Simon for 2 years now. Having these lessons has expanded my skills quickly, as well as introducing different jazz styles and techniques that I never thought I would enjoy as much as I do. I would recommend him to anyone new to any style of guitar.

Adam Seage (age 16)

"Our son has been learning acoustic guitar with Simon for 6 months, and is thoroughly enjoying the sessions. Tom has been taught a good mix of technical exercises and popular songs. Simon is able to impart his musical knowledge in a way that inspires Tom practise daily without needing to be reminded!"

Kath Loneragan



My son Matthew Hoskins started guitar lessons with Simon Costa in the year 2005. He started learning on the acoustic guitar and then moved on to electric guitar.
We have stayed with Simon this whole time as Matt was constantly learning new and diverse talents with both types of guitar. Matt has always felt very comfortable with Simon and Simon has always encouraged, supported and brought out the best in Matt. Matt shows a great confidence whilst playing guitar which has helped him in other aspects of his life that he did not have before as a very quiet and shy boy.
I would highly recommend Simon to anyone who is looking for a guitar teacher for his or her child or self.
Lisa Jardine       May 2010