• A term of nine or ten lessons is paid for in one payment, unless it is the first lesson with Simon.  If it is the first lesson, that lesson can be paid for individually.  From the second lesson, a whole term will be paid for.
  • In a term of ten weeks, at least nine will be paid for, regardless of how many lessons occurred, unless Simon is the cause of cancelled lessons.
  • There can only be one cancellation per term that can be a credit for the following term, where notice is given at least the night before the lesson time.  This applies for both individual lessons and pair lessons.
  • Make up lessons for cancelled lessons, given at least 24 hours notice, will be provided where possible.
  • Make up lessons will not be provided for lessons cancelled on the same day, unless Simon cancels the lesson.
  • Cancellations made on the same day as the due lesson will be paid for by the student/s.
  • Simon Costa will credit to you all lessons that you have paid for that he is unable to attend.
  • Individual lesson fee for 2016 is $40 per half hour, $32 for 20 minutes.
  • Pair lesson fee is $32.00 each per half hour.
  • Workshop fee is $32 each for 1 hour. (minimum three participants), or $30 each for 30 minutes when there are only two participants.