Parent Information


Here are some tips that will encourage your son or daughter to practise:

  • make sure that he or she has a quality guitar that will inspire and encourage them to want to play.  See FAQ WHAT KIND OF GUITAR SHOULD I START ON?
  • provide a place in your home where he or she can make a noise without disturbing others, and where others, such as siblings, will not disturb your son or daughter.
  • Make sure that there is an adequate quality guitar available for use at all times.  This is especially an issue when seperated parents share custody of the guitar student.
  • Check that your son or daughter brings the right equipment to lessons, and that he or she didn't forget to take home his/her books, folders or loose sheets from my studio.
  • leave the guitar out of it's case on a sturdy guitar stand, ready to just pick up and play.  In the case of an electric guitar, have it permanently set up, or at least, have the amplifier plugged in, and the electric guitar sitting on a guitar stand, with only the guitar lead needed to plug in.
  • In the case of younger children, check that their weekly practise schedule sheet is ticked.
  • Have a daily routine that allows a time slot for undisturbed practise.  Perhaps a gentle reminder to practise, but don't nag.